Bella Vida Beauty Salon & Spa

Bella Vida Beauty Salon & Spa 

This business owner, Nicholas Alves, came to us with the issue of having no clue how to market to their target demographic!

A common issue… and nothing is worse than trying to sell running shoes to goldfish!

The buying process is in the hands of the customer, and the marketers must create targeted, personalized experiences for people if they want to be the one to grab their attention among a sea of brands and advertisers.

When marketers have a comprehensive understanding of their ideal buyer, they can make more informed decisions about media, messaging and timing.

— that’s where we stepped in!

Now, we’re no experts on curls and pearls but we managed to compute an in-depth market research on the target demographic for salons in this area.

& with the help of some other people (who do know about cruel and pearls), we manned to send this business shooting with an initial launch of pink, pink and even more pink.

They have been a long-term client of ours for months, and we tapped into niches by helping them tell their brand story in different voices!



Next step… Signage!

We needed to fit the look. High quality service, high quality social media, yet what was missing was something eye-catching at the actual site!

Our team got to work, designed, printed and installed the perfect signage to attract high-paying clientele

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